Board Members


      Picture  Gail M. Meehan, M.P.H., L.N.H.A., CSA ~ Founder/Chairperson / Board member Colorado Senior Lobby

Gail Meehan is the Founder and Chairperson of Senior Health Advocates Colorado. Gail founded the organization in order to advocate for older adults struggling with healthcare and social welfare issues/systems. Gail has over thirty years’ experience working nationally and internationally specializing in public health, specifically in the field of gerontology. She has a Bachelor of Science Degree from the University of Vermont and received her Master’s in Public Health from Boston University School of Medicine. She is a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator, a Certified Senior Advisor and an Aging Life Care Specialist.

                                                    Jon Barcley, MA, JD. ~ Founding Board Member

Jon has been a lifelong resident of CO. He has both a Law Degree and a Degree in International Studies. He served as a District Attorney in Colorado for many years and a staff attorney at a private law firm. Jon currently is the VP of the Chamber of Commerce in Trinidad, Co and a member of the Kiwanis Club and has a private practice.

                                                       Joseph Tarabino ~ Founding Board Member
In the first trimester of my life when I taught school [elementary through adult levels including English as a second language] students, I was engaged in supporting the needs of young people because I could work as an insider with access and authority.

Later, when I was working independently in journalism and media, my interests were more general, aesthetic and philosophical. I had been adequately trained by my formal education in these areas.

In my current stage of life, I find myself needing to address some of the problems of aging but now as an outsider with little access or authority. I do not champion the elderly over the young because now I depend of younger people for the services I require. In southern Colorado especially I do not find them in any way adequate, and

the political and social structures sorely lacking. Professionalism does not seem to be the norm in necessary support in legal, medical or social matters. As an outsider, except for addressing my own personally activated needs, I regret the situation. I am constantly frustrated and find little support on any qualified level, especially tax-payer funded social services and basic physical and mental health care issues addressing the elderly and despair in the options available.


          Cindy Adams ~ Secretary/Treasurer

Cindy is a 3rd generation Coloradoan who moved to the Trinidad area in 2011 when she retired. She has earned an MA in Counseling Psychology and spent part of

her career as a benefits coordinator in human resources. Cindy appreciates the growing sense of community in Trinidad. Her goal is to facilitate better care with more options, more dignity and more respect for seniors.

           Teri Hansford ~ Media Administrator

Teri has been a resident of Colorado for over 25 years.  She has held positions related to health care for most of her adult life, having held several management positions with the Las Animas County Rehabilitation Center in Trinidad for 27 of those years. She currently holds the position of CFO.  She is also the IT tech for the agency and is a Nationally Certified Investigator.  For several years Teri was a Volunteer Fire Fighter, Emergency Medical Technician and First Responder. 

                            Duane Roy ~ Member

Duane has held the position of Executive Director of Southern Colorado Developmental Disabilities Services, an agency that provides person centered services for Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled adults, for 30+ years. Duane graduated from Ft Hays State University with a Masters of Science degree in Psychology.   



                            Rosemarie Shier ~ Member

Rosemarie Shier is the Executive Director of the Trinidad Housing Authority. With a career that expands over 40 years in the helping professions, she understands the complexity of the client / provider relationship. She has worked diligently to bridge the gap that often exists “between what service providers can and do provide” and “the individual and unique needs of the person receiving services”. She believes in and practices advocacy through action. She is a strong supporter of person-centered services.

Rosemarie graduated from Colorado State University Pueblo with a BS in Art Education. One of these days she thinks she might paint again.

                            Dave Shier ~ Member

David Shier grew up on his family’s farm in central Kansas. As a young man, he spent long hours plowing fields and thinking about life. It was in those fields that Dave’s strong sense of community grew. As a successful banker and real estate broker in Southern Colorado, Dave continually gave back to the community he loved. In retirement, Dave continues to give back. He serves as a guardian for three adults with developmental disabilities and is a board member and past president of Southern Colorado Developmental Disabilities Services.

Dave is a graduate of Kansas State University with a degree in Agricultural Economics. He restores old trucks and co-owns the famous “Starkville Junkyard”.


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